Summer Club 2021 Feedback

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on our Summer Club 2021.

Here are some extracts:

“The Hollow Lane Club is important to my family…. It gives me a chance to spend quality time with my other children”

“Without Hollow Lane our summer holidays would be very difficult.  The Club allows *** to have a sense of routine in a familiar setting with familiar faces.  In addition *** can undertake experiences that may be difficult for us to partake as a family”

“It made the summer holidays easier on both parents and children”

“ The Hollow Lane Club is an amazing service providing much needed respite for our family.  The club has enabled parents to have a rest, go shopping, catch up on jobs which otherwise we cannot do”

“*** has thoroughly enjoyed the Club and all the activities.  It is enabled them to expand their social skills”

“The most important thing is that the Club continues to function as it is very important to us parents and greatly appreciated”

“The Hollow Lane Club where I know *** is going to be properly supported, cared for and enjoy a stimulating, productive, interesting session and be around other young people with similar issues where ***’s behaviour is not considered ‘weird’ or ‘odd’ means a great deal to me and them”

“Everyday was something different with lots of activities to keep all busy”

“Thank you Hollow Lane Club”

“Hollow Lane Club has given *** more connection with school, breaking down the long holiday and getting to know others they wouldn’t usually interact with”

“*** is happy as they get to spend time with their friends and the fantastic staff.  Without this club I wouldn’t be able to cope”

“Holidays are always very stressful so to have *** taken care of for 6 hours per day is life changing for us”

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