Fee Waiving Policy




Fee Waiving Policy

  • The Hollow Lane Club is committed to making our services accessible to all families no matter what their financial situation.
  • Hollow Lane Club trustees are committed to keeping fees as low as possible for all children and families.
  • Hollow Lane Club fundraises to reduce fees for all families. Current fundraising levels allow us to waive 40 – 50% of costs for each place attended on our clubs.
  • Hollow Lane Club charges the same amount for all places on our clubs no matter if a child requires additional support or care (eg they require 2:1 care or additional medical support)
  • Hollow Lane Club works with families and the local authority to support finding appropriate sources of funding for families in need of financial support for respite care.

Hollow Lane Club trustees recognise that there may be times when families need additional support because of unplanned eventualities. At these times we will accept an application from families to waive the fees owing to enable a young person to attend our clubs and provide families with additional respite care.

Our Criteria: We will consider fee waiving in an extreme circumstance, for example:

  • Death or Serious illness of a parent/carer or sibling.
  • Unexpected family crisis caused by separation or divorce.
  • Financial emergency caused by sudden unemployment.
  • Short term/temporary loss of statutory provision caused by moving home into new area etc.

Our Process:

  • In the first instant contact the Hollow Lane Administrator, Deb Ward on 01392 463823 to inform her of your situation. During school holidays please contact us via the email address: admin@hollowlane.org.uk.
  • Applications for fee waiver should be supported by a reference from a professional working with the family who is aware of their situation (e.g. social worker, key worker, GP, teacher)
  • A sub committee of trustees and staff will deal with requests on a one-by-one basis.
  • Families will be informed of the outcome of the request within 7 days.


Our Limitations

  • The Hollow Lane Club has limited funds and may not be able to support every family that applies to us. We will endeavour to prioritise support to those who require the most need.
  • Any support given will be limited to emergency provision and capped at 3 sessions per child per year, whilst we help families to access other funding/support.
  • All support is subject to availability within the clubs.


We will work with families to try and put in place statutory support from the local authority for ongoing family respite.



This policy was reviewed by Hollow Lane Trustees on 26 March 2018 Next review:  March 2019