Summer Club 2020

Fantastic Success!

We would like to acknowledge everyone who helped make this happen.

We hope you have enjoyed our virtual Summer Club. We would like to thank the following people for their contributions, help and support in putting it all together:

❖ Chris Neale, CJN Advisory for IT Support
❖ New Fruit Productions,
❖ Sensory Play Bags,
❖ Libby,
❖ BBC Springwatch,
❖ Rob Biddulph, Draw with Rob,
❖ Clive Pig,
❖ Magic Carpet,
❖ The Donkey Sanctuary,
❖ Melodysigns,
❖ Science Show
❖ Axe Valley Wildlife Park,
❖ Tayla MakeUp,
❖ Boo to a Goose Theatre,
❖ Adventure Babies,
❖ South West Animal Services,
❖ Signature Sound Therapy,
❖ Avtar Indian Dancing/Story Telling,
❖ Urbanflow,
❖ Rachel Toll, Watercolours with Rachel,
❖ The Fairy Godmother & Queen Alura,
❖ The Therapy Tree,
❖ Skittleman,
❖ Dogsworthy and the Jacolly Puppet Theatre,
❖ Liz Million,
❖ Patch & Deli On The Telly,
❖ Supersonic Sounds,

Thanks to the brilliant staff of The Hollow Lane Club and Learn to Live Federation who have sung, danced, quizzed, baked, got messy, made art, read stories etc etc making videos for us to show. Plus Mary, Deb, Lisa and Louise and the Trustees who have worked through the closure period to bring the virtual summer club

Finally, thanks to the children and young people and their parents and carers and anyone else who has watched and joined in. We hope to see you all soon.