Parents say

“The Hollow Lane Club forms a vital part of our day to day lives, knowing that our son goes somewhere where people know him, where he enjoys going and has fun, gives us great peace of mind, especially when his behaviour can sometimes be challenging.” Parent evaluation, 2016

“At Hollow Lane Club J is given such different opportunities that she wouldn’t have otherwise – we have had a really positive summer with J being give the chance to spend time with her friends.” Parent evaluation, 2016

“This club is making such a positive difference to family life. The activities that are provided for young people are quality activities with clear objectives rather than just being childcare or childminding. Each club day adds great quality of life experiences to the young people that attend.” Parent evaluation, 2016

Ofsted says

“Staff treat children with a great deal of respect, which results in a harmonious, caring environment where every child is valued.” Ofsted 2015

“The highly challenging activities offered are adapted to ensure all children are able to access them.” Ofsted 2015

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