CEO – Summer Club/New Term

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CEO – Summer Clubs / New Term                                  


Hello again.  I hope you are all as well as you can be in this time of challenges: heat, Covid, end of term, summer holiday etc……you name it!

The Summer Club is on us, we made it!  12 days of play, activities and fun for the children and young people.  We have, in the circumstances, had a tremendous response from parents, carers, staff, children and young people.  Thank you from me on behalf of the Hollow Lane Club, our Staff and our Trustees for your patience and perseverance.

We are looking forward to seeing nearly 100 children and young people during the 12 days over the next three weeks.  We hope that everyone has a great time and as much fun as possible.  I will be around and hope to meet as many of you as I can.

In September, as the recent Newsletter announced, we will be running a full programme of Clubs and social activities (providing prevailing conditions allow with bubbles etc…) to include After School Clubs, Social Club, Siblings Club and Saturday Club at our three locations at Ellen Tinkham School, Ellen Tinkham College and Bidwell Brook School.

Thank you for all your support in these challenging times.  We are here to support you as much as possible.

Regards, Steve                                                 

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