Summer Club 2020 – Letter from the Trustees


c/o Ellen Tinkham School

Hollow Lane, Exeter   EX1 3RW

Tel: 01392 463823



Dear Hollow Lane Club Parents and Carers,

It was a very difficult decision for us as Trustees and Managers of the Club to decide not to run face-to-face groups this summer. We know how important the Club is to our families and for 20 years now we have provided fun and engaging activities for our young people through thick and thin.

This year we have been hit with a challenge that none of us have experienced before. Keeping young people and staff safe from the transmission of the COVD-19 virus has to be our priority.

We went through many options as a team and looked at all the implications of each one. Sadly, we could not work out a way to run our Clubs safely with the number of staff and the resources we have available to us.

Our plan is to provide fun and engaging on-line activities that will give some routine for your week and entertainment for the whole family. Expect to see some familiar faces and fun activities.

There is no charge being made for this and any funds that you have already paid into us for the Summer Club will be refunded to you as mentioned in the letter from our General Manager, Mary Roche.

With best regards,

Hollow Lane Club Trustees


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