Summer Club 2020 Tues 11th

Joke of the day

What can fill a room but takes up no space?

The answer is : Light

Welcome to Summer Club 2020

Welcome today’s Summer Club Events. We hope you join in the fun and games.

10:00 Welcome and Introduction

Mary and the team welcome everyone to the Summer Club.

10:04 Hello Everybody Song

Hello everybody and welcome to the club.

10:15 Libby’s exercises with Legs!

Exciting new exercise video from our Libby

10:40 Mid Morning Snack Time

Just Listen to that apple CRUNCH!!

10:45 Sandcastles on the Beach with our Caz

Great Seaside Beach fun with Caz!

10:50 Fun with Queen Alura

Once Upon a Time with Queen Alura

11:30 Magic Carpet Theatre Puppet Fun

Puppet Theatre Workshop

12:00 Great Food Making from our Grant

Our Grant gets messy in the Kitchen

13:00 BBC Spring Watch

Excellent Nature watching from the BBC – “Bedtime for the Red Squirrel”

13:15 Draw with Rob

Rob draws “Penquin Blue”

13:45 Singing with Melodysigns

Wonderful fun singing of “Yellow Submarine”

14:00 Quiz Time with all Hollow Lane Club People

Do our Club people know their stuff?

15:00 Salt Dough Challenge with Marie

Messy fun with our Marie

15:30 Story Time with Lou

Great story telling from Lou “Monkey Puzzle”

16:00 Goodbye Everyone Song

Goodbye everyone we hope you had a fun time. See you tomorrow !!!!