Summer Club 2020 Tue 11th

Joke of the day

What can fill a room but takes up no space?

Come back at 15:45 for the answer

The answer is : Light

Welcome to Summer Club 2020

Today’s events start at 10am, we will be waiting for you to comeback and taking part in all the fun.

Why not check out yesterdays fun, by using the menu on the right.

Welcome today’s Summer Club Events. We hope you join in the fun and games.

10:00 Welcome and Introduction

Mary and the team welcome everyone to the Summer Club.

10:04 Hello Everybody Song

Hello everybody and welcome to the club.

10:15 Libby’s exercises with Legs!

Exciting new exercise video from our Libby

10:40 Mid Morning Snack Time

Just Listen to that apple CRUNCH!!

10:45 Sandcastles on the Beach with our Caz

Great Seaside Beach fun with Caz!

10:50 Fun with Queen Alura

Once Upon a Time with Queen Alura

11:30 Magic Carpet Theatre Puppet Fun

Puppet Theatre Workshop

12:00 Great Food Making from our Grant

Our Grant gets messy in the Kitchen

13:00 BBC Spring Watch

Excellent Nature watching from the BBC – “Bedtime for the Red Squirrel”

13:15 Draw with Rob

Rob draws “Penquin Blue”

13:45 Singing with Melodysigns

Wonderful fun singing of “Yellow Submarine”

14:00 Quiz Time with all Hollow Lane Club People

Do our Club people know their stuff?

15:00 Salt Dough Challenge with Marie

Messy fun with our Marie

15:30 Story Time with Lou

Great story telling from Lou “Monkey Puzzle”

16:00 Goodbye Everyone Song

Goodbye everyone we hope you had a fun time. See you tomorrow !!!!

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