Summer Club 2020 Tue 28th

Joke of the day

I have holes on the top and bottom. I have holes on my left and on my right. And I have holes in the middle, yet I still hold water. What am I?

Come back at 15:40 for the answer

The answer is ‘A Sponge’

Welcome to Summer Club 2020

Today’s events start at 10am, we will be waiting for you to comeback and taking part in all the fun.

Why not check out yesterdays fun, by using the menu on the right.

Welcome today’s Summer Club Events. We hope you join in the fun and games.

10:00 Welcome and Introduction

Mary and the team welcome everyone to the Summer Club.

10:02 Hello Everybody Song

Hello everybody and welcome to the club.

10: 15 Get Fit with Our Libby

Text about the video here

11:15 Science Show via Zoom

For the next Zoom session at 11am Thursday 30th (South West Animal Services) – email for a place. Places are limited to email fast!

13:00 BBC Springwatch

Insect Safari

13:15 Draw with Rob

Fred Bear

13:45 Story Time with Suzy

Another great story

14:00 Axe Valley Wildlife Park

TTour of the Zoo

14:45 Story time with Caz

Another fantastic story

15:00 Pets Corner with Lou

Meet Conker the Cat

15:30 Story Time with Catherine

A fun story

15:45 Spot the Brands Quiz

Guess the brand

Some like, some hate it


Did you get it right?

Guess the brand

It’s not Easter yet

Its a creme egg

How do you eat yours.

Guess the brand

One of 57 varieties

Heinz Beans

Did you get it right?

Guess the brand

Mr Maynards favourite

Jelly Babies

Everyones favorite

16:00 Goodbye Everyone Song

Goodbye everyone we hope you had a fun time. See you tomorrow !!!!

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