A visit to a restaurant

At one of our sessions, there was a group of children and young people going on trips to the town centre. It was suggested that it would be nice to take the children and young people to a restaurant. On hearing this suggestion, the parents of this young man agreed it was a lovely idea but informed staff that he was an extremely fussy eater with a limited diet and they had never been able or confident enough to eat out with him.

With careful thought and planning, we realised this young man is extremely motivated by IT/technology and this was something the Hollow Lane Club decided to use as an opening.

As the photos show he was happy to choose what he wanted to eat (in itself a big achievement) with constant reassurance and support from skilled staff. He eagerly waited for his food sat at a table with his peers.

His parents were overwhelmed and felt it had opened a new door to their family life.

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