Supporting K and M

I am a parent of two children that attend The Hollow Lane Club. Both children have very different personalities and needs.

K does not find it too difficult to mix and is quite sociable and outgoing, so in turn would enjoy many of the exciting activities that The Hollow Lane Club provide such as ten pin bowling, swimming, the disco, indoor and outdoor play areas.

M, however, really struggles to safely socialise and exhibits risk taking behaviours.

This can be difficult for us as parents as both children enjoy/dislike different activities. We spoke to the Club about how it was best to support us as a family. It was decided that on some days they would have both children to provide respite for us and M and K to enjoy the Club’s activities.

At other times, the Club would accommodate them separately to allow us to have quality time with them individually which would also give them respite from each other.

We feel that this is the only setting that are able to manage the needs of both children as they are so different.

Thank you Hollow Lane Club.

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